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I am Arpita Kaul. I am twenty years old girl who works for Kolkata Independent Escorts. I am well educated very hot and pretty girl. I was very young girl when I was entered in Kolkata Escort service. I had been offered for a guy to spend with him one night stand from our agency Kolkata Escorts. I had to go for out call service with a guy. He was approx twenty six year old. A man was very decent. He was a doctor with his profession. I am quite sure that he had a wife and had children too. I think it was first time for him to go out call service with stranger girls. It was quiet place where he took me. It was his first time so, he was looking little bit worried but seemed to comfort with me because we both are chatting continuously with each other.

First of all we both took bath with shower. After that we went into lonely room. He told me to do body massage and I begun to do body massage. After getting soothing and relaxing massage, He felt relax his body. For a few minutes of break we talked like a friend with each other. After chatting with me, he told me to begun for a second round of service. It was all right at for him because all the tension had gone out from his mind. Once we started getting into with each other, we were both getting so hot and sticky. His body was bit of warmth. I finished off it with satisfaction and we were both dripping with sweat and perspiration. He went for another bath. Ultimately He got much enjoyable service with fearless at his first getting service in Kolkata Escort.

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